A team dedicated to making mobile analytics work for you.

Who are we?

We’re a team of veteran media and mobile marketers. In our day-to-day work, we were constantly frustrated with the lack of accountability and insight of other mobile metric systems. We realised that mobile analytics needed to go to the next level, and formed Agent M to make it happen.

Our People

Agent M has a global team of planners, designers and developers, based in San Francisco, New York, Hyderabad, and Wellington.

Bruce Braun, CEO

Bruce is a true media industry veteran. He comes from a traditional and digital media background spanning over 20 years with companies such as CBS, USA Networks and Turner Broadcasting. During his career, Bruce was the CEO of TMT Media, one of the largest direct response media buying and management companies in the US. He helped bring from Australia to the US, Sabela Media, an early force in Online ad serving that became 24/7 Real Media. Moving to Moviso (later InfoSpace Mobile) he was a pioneer in making the case to national brands for mobile advertising. Bruce merges web and TV experience to bring an experienced 360 degree understanding of media and mobile marketing to Agent M for agencies and clients.

Gil Martinez, VP Product Innovation (New York)

Gil has over 8 years of New Media Production expertise spanning Dot-Com, Interactive Television, Mobile Application Development, Mobile Video Deployment, Value Added Services, and Mobile Advertising. His career encompasses a number of ‘Tier A’ media publications including ESPN, Gartner, CBS New Media, and Cablevision.

Prior to co-founding Agent-M, Gil served as both the technical and business lead for the ESPN Mobile Publishing advertising division. Gil possesses a deep understanding of the entire mobile advertising lifecycle from campaign conceptualization through to post follow up reporting, analysis, and optimization.

Contact Details

Agent M

268 Bush St. Suite 3510
San Francisco, CA 94104
Agent M has offices in New York, San Fransciso, Hyderabad, and Wellington.